Social Media Accounts - We Welcome

Social Media Accounts to Follow

The best way to learn about the immigrant and refugee experience is through the voices of those who have lived it. While this is not a comprehensive list, here are some social media accounts that could start your learning journey. Keep exploring and let us know what resources you would recommend!

Kristel Acevedo: IG/Twitter/FB

Dina Nayeri: IG/Twitter/FB

Lola Adeyemo: IG

Sandra Van Opstal: IG/Twitter

Chasing Justice: IG/FB

Refugee Congress: IG/Twitter/FB

Define American: IG/Twitter/FB

Refugee Story Project: IG

Karen Gonzalez: IG/Twitter

Michelle Ami Reyes: IG/Twitter/FB

Haitian Bridge Alliance: IG/FB

United We Dream: IG/Twitter/FB

Martine Kalaw: IG

Jose Antonio Vargas: IG/Twitter

Grace Ji-Sun Kim: IG

Kao Kalia Yang: Twitter/FB

Daniel Nayeri: IG/Twitter