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Only in America

(From the perspective of a stay at home mom living in rural New York)

by Emily Baxter, in response to the prompt, "In a world of movement, where is God?"


I only wash dishes and wipe up the messes,
I only mop floors and teach all the lessons.

I only know here on this rich farming soil,
I know only U.S. with its cracked knuckles and toil.

I know farmers and freedom and star-spangled banners,
Hot dogs and church clothes and the clank of a hammer.

I claim not to know what it’s like as you roam,
I say not that I feel how it feels with no home.

But I know as I know deep down to my core,
He stands right beside you, ready to roar.

The Lion of Judah, that is who I speak of,
He’s there right beside you abounding in His love.

The right hand of God will uphold your right arm,
As you wander for freedom and safety from harm.

He can-not, He will not, leave you ever-alone,
He’s faithful, He’s final, the pure corner stone.

So, tonight as I stand at the oven and stir,
For the six hungry faces who run in like a blur.

I imagine you’re seated around our old table,
Elbow to elbow, peace-filled and thankful.

I’d pass you the bread and the salted cream-butter,
And watch as you talk of your sister and mother.

I’d listen in close as you told of your life,
With tears and pinched brow, the remembrance of strife.

So, tonight as I dream, and you walk farther more,
I pray you are welcomed, into each door.


This poem was written by Emily Baxter from our online writing community, and is shared with permission. You can follow more of her writing on Substack.

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