Kingdom of God vs Worldly Empire - We Welcome

Kingdom of God vs Worldly Empire

by Debbie Hemmens, in response to the prompt, "The contrast of God’s kingdom & worldly empires"

The Kingdom of God
is like an open table
It draws us in
Space available
A generous welcome to all
Enough for everyone
Laughter and joy
Opportunity to serve
Together, in community
Refreshed and at peace

Worldly Empire feels like
a closed door
Unwelcome and defensive
Pushed away
No room
Power hungry
Me first

The Kingdom of God
A first response of care and mercy
Life giving support
Eases hurt and pain
The presence of love
Decisions made to honor Jesus
Bringing our full selves

Worldly Empire
Where arrogance leads
Staying on top
Getting ahead
Destructive and exploitative
Actions at the expense of others
Harmful weapons
Uncertain, moving ground

A choice to make
Good news
Let’s share the power
Humanizing language and actions
Flourishing and freedom for all
Safety and welfare for everyone
Honor and dignity bestowed
Fresh manna
Living Hope
Let love rule

This essay was written by Debbie Hemmens from our online writing community, and is shared with permission. You can follow more of her writing on her blog, Facebook @Debbie Hemmens-Agates, or Instagram @debbiehemmens

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