Creating a sponsorship group offers an opportunity for members of the body of Christ to use their unique giftings to make a difference - We Welcome

Use Your Unique Gifts

One important reason for choosing to welcome a refugee through private sponsorship is because it’s a way to use your unique gifts to make a difference.

Each one of us in the body of Christ is gifted with strengths and talents that build up the kingdom of God. When thinking about ways to help refugees arriving in the U.S., a great place to start is by asking, “What are my gifts? What am I good at?”

You have knowledge, skills, and experience that would be invaluable to someone new moving into your community. Are you good at planning & budgeting? Do you have a flexible schedule that allows you to transport people to appointments? Are you great at making phone calls or helping people feel at-ease in social situations? Are you deeply connected with your local schools and equipped to help new students (and parents) navigate the system? Wherever your talents lie, together with a small group of local friends, you can use your gifts to make someone feel welcome and safe in their new home. 

Can you envision yourself partnering with others in your local community to use your gifts to cultivate welcome for a new family? Or are you unsure about the commitment of sponsorship, but feel called to help in other ways? We’d love to help!

We Welcome is joining with the Welcome Corps to help support individuals interested in private refugee sponsorship. We’re here to help you learn more about the process so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you can say “yes!” to sponsorship. 

If you’re interested in taking the next step to start a sponsorship group–or even if you’d simply like to learn more–fill out our interest form to connect with a coach and get started on the journey of welcome.