Omniscient One - We Welcome

Omniscient One

by Lisa Hauger, in response to the prompt "In a world of movement, where is God?"

I read that you are everywhere, God.
May omniscient be more than a word.
Can such direct knowing and unswerving power be
Where I am?
Amid confusing mistrust
Within my screaming heart.

I heard Heaven is your home.
I don’t have a home
Fleeing from hot threats searing my neck
Burning blind thoughts of staying.

I plea You stay there
With family left behind
In in a house holding nothing
Molten promises dripping on their heads
Helpless to hope.

Are you with me?
Adrift in expanses of wilderness
Foggy with unpredictable fear
I must believe You remain
with us all…
the fleeing
the hiding
the waiting
the lost
In doubts and panic
In hunger without papers
through borders and beyond
Trusting your presence
Omniscient One moving, migrating
Carry us to where we belong.


This poem was written by Lisa Hauger from our online writing community, and is shared with permission. If you would like to connect with us about contributing poems or essays for our blog or social media, please fill out this interest form.