Awareness - November 9, 2023 - We Welcome

Awareness - November 9, 2023

President Biden urges appeals court to allow asylum restrictions to remain in place

The Biden administration asked a panel of judges in California to overturn a July ruling that would block asylum limits put in place by a new rule from the administration. The federal judge delayed his ruling from taking effect in order to allow time for an appeal.

The new rule makes it more difficult for a migrant to apply for asylum if he or she did not first make an appointment online or if they traveled through another country and did not seek asylum protections in that country first.

The administration argues that blocking the asylum restrictions would cause major disruptions at the border, but immigration advocates say that the rule violates U.S. law that allows anyone to seek asylum regardless of how and where they arrive in the country.

Texas Governor Abbott calls another legislative special session to address border security bills

A third special session of Congress in Texas ended on Tuesday without votes on a number of bills that Governor Abbott wants to have passed, including bills related to security at the border. Abbott immediately called a fourth special session, with two of his four priorities being the creation of state criminal offenses for crossing the Texas-Mexico border and additional funding for border barriers and security. 

Hispanic faith leaders in Texas sent a letter to the Governor asking him to veto Senate bills SB 4, which increases penalties for the state’s human smuggling laws, and SB 11, which would make it a state crime to cross the border from Mexico irregularly and would give state troopers the authority to arrest those who do so. 

 “The passage of these bills will inadvertently foster fear and create unwarranted obstacles for the crucial care provided by our church immigrant and refugee ministries. This legislation appears to erect barriers that hinder churches in fulfilling their sacred mission of welcoming and caring for our neighbors,” states the letter. 

Learn more and sign the petition reminding Governor Abbott to treat migrants with dignity at this page on our website.