Awareness - May 9, 2023 - We Welcome

Awareness - May 9, 2023

Ukrainian refugees are finding homes and work in Massachusetts

More than 117,000 Ukrainians came to the U.S. through President Biden’s Uniting for Ukraine program after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Jobs Sponsorship Program, led by the nonprofit organization Alight, is helping them find jobs quickly. The program provides job placement and helps refugees find housing and other benefits for which they are qualified. It provides not only the opportunity for fulfilling work for arriving refugees but also fills vacant positions as the U.S. continues to struggle with a shortage of workers.

SUV driver hit a crowd at a bus stop near the border in Texas, killing 8

Police continue to investigate after a driver drove into a crowd of people sitting on the curb at a bus stop near a migrant shelter in Brownsville, TX on Sunday. Eight people were killed and 10 others were injured. Police have charged the driver with manslaughter and aggravated assault and are investigating whether the crash was intentional.

Responses by the Biden administration and border states continue to evolve as Title 42 nears its May 11th end

Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed a unit of the National Guard he called the Texas Tactical Border Force to El Paso and other areas along the Rio Grande on Monday as migrants are gathering at the border in anticipation of the end of Title 42. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs announced that she is creating a joint information command center to prepare for migrants arriving at her state’s border and shared a broad overview of a plan to focus on public safety, partnerships with local agencies, migrant transportation, and funding for shelters. Customs and Border Protection has launched an operation to apprehend migrants in El Paso who cannot show proof that they have been processed and released after crossing into the U.S.

Congress and the administration continually call for new enforcement measures as the overall approach to an increase in migration. However, reports have found that enforcement policies do not deter illegal immigration. Increased migration will continue to be a security and humanitarian issue without comprehensive solutions


This week's news blog was written by Jen Wellman.