Awareness - May 2, 2024 - We Welcome

Awareness - May 2, 2024

Biden administration considers admitting some Palestinians as refugees

President Biden is considering resettling Palestinians from Gaza who have American citizen relatives into the U.S. One idea the administration is mulling over is admitting those with ties to the U.S. who have escaped Gaza and are currently in Egypt as refugees through the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP). The White House said in a statement to The Hill that they have already helped approximately 1,800 U.S. citizens and their families leave Gaza since the start of the war.

The move would help a small group of Palestinians, but marks a significant shift in the country’s refugee program, which has not traditionally resettled a significant number of Palestinians since it was established in 1980.

Large group of migrants found in stash house in Juarez, Mexico

A group of 104 migrants was found by a Mexican SWAT team in a stash house in Ciudad Juárez, MX and turned over to Mexican immigration officials on Tuesday. The group included several women and 4 minors. Four individuals who are suspected to be cartel members were arrested and a handgun was confiscated. Cartels who have been connected with drug trafficking are expanding their efforts in Mexico to profit from human smuggling.

New report finds asylum rights are being denied by mandatory use of CBP One app

A new report by Human Rights Watch accuses the Biden administration of limiting access to asylum by making it mandatory in almost all cases for people to use the CBP One app to access appointments to claim asylum. The app limits the number of people who can make an appointment each day and forces the rest of those waiting for an appointment to remain in Mexico while they wait for the next opportunity to make an appointment through the app. The requirement to use the app also limits who can claim asylum to those who have access to cell phones and WiFi. In addition, the app has proven to be difficult to navigate and access for certain categories of people for factors such as race, language, age, the ability of each person to use the app, LGBT status, and disability.

The report states that “the Biden asylum rule impermissibly limits the right to seek asylum for many people and compels them to wait in foreseeably dangerous and inhumane conditions in Mexico.”